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Jan 17,2018

Security Apps For Girls/Women Safety

Mobile phones have become companion these days no matter where we go , we go with mobile. This can Prove to be crucial for safety of women because there are variety of women safety android apps in play store . So here are list of some of the best mobile apps that can prove to be your life saviour in that time when you have nobody but your mobile . Some of the best security apps are listed here with there features.

(i) Tell tail

A creation of DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.), the application allows the user to be tracked through the GPS on their phone or the vehicle. The user can send instant alerts to a chosen group of contacts as well. The app lets your location be known even if there is no GPS on your cell phone as location can be monitored using the vehicle’s GPS.

Most security applications offer a distress message service. What makes Women’s Security different is that you can record a 45 second voice recording which is sent without your active interaction. If you are in a no-reception range, the app sends the message as soon as a signal is available; thereby making it quite reliable.


Need to travel safely? Book a cab instantly using this application. TaxiPixi lets you book a cab while giving you options for cheapest fares as well. The app is easy to use and runs quite fast, even on slow internet speeds. Download it to ensure that you are never stuck alone without means of transportation.


If you are moving to a new locality or simply want to know the safety levels in any area, SafetiPin is the app for you. The app gives the user a map based view of a locality, a city or the world along with its safety score. You can set up circles of interest and get knowledge about threats of harassment or general precautions that should be taken. Get to know a place better to be safer.


The apps motto is “Never Walk Alone”. The app lets you create a net of 'Guardians' who will receive your SOS message. In the free version, the designated guardian can be called also. The SOS message also includes your location via GPS. You can also enable the GPS tracker and let your friends know location at any time.

As the name suggests, the app takes your GPS location and lists the nearest police stations around you. It is extremely useful in emergencies such as theft, robbery or other such problems.

(vii)Scream Alarm!

The application can be used to generate a very high volume scream in times of distress when your own lungs may fail you. The generated scream is in a woman’s voice which is extremely helpful in deterring potential trouble makers. Download it on your device from here .

Jan 29,2018

How To Motivate Yourself

To do any work to its perfection you need motivation , energy , positive attitude. Bad mood , dull body and lack of instinct will ruin any kind of work you do. Where to get that kind of motivation and zeal to start a work daily. There are some of the tested ideas given by top experts to get that vibration which can change your life.


Having a sense of humour can lift your mood out of the pain and struggle. Everyday try laughing for half an hour to raise your cheerfulness. When you laugh, your body triggers its chemical composition and brings your mood in harmony with the Universe. Smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks as well. SO keep smiling and spread laughter.

(ii) Awareness

How are you feeling right now? Good , alive , tired , run down? If something isn't right, you have to change it yourself. Even if you aren't in the mood, show love towards others and you will get same in return " what goes around that comes around" this will lift up your spirits. According to author and informational coach Cassandra Study, your vibration is a way of describing your overall state of being. "Everything in the Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. This includes you". So, you need to be aware of how emotions are affecting you.


Have you ever wondered why do you feel different when you enter a room full of fragrance. Fragrance have power to uplift your aura to the next level. Use lavender , myrrh , jasmine or have flowers in your room and feel elated all the time.Apply deodorant , perfumes , fragrance powder etc to keep your mind striving.


Focusing on your breathing allows you to access your higher mind and the higher realms of consciousness. This immediately takes you to higher frequency. As you meditate. Imagine eight light on your crown chakra, slowly moving down to your solar plexus. This can change the energy in your body. If you don't know how to meditate then don’t worry many out there don't know either, Just check out Headspace app from play store..

(v)Read Motivational Quotes

Reading motivational quotes everyday keeps you enthusiastic and ready to take on every challenge of the life head on. Motivational quotes keeps your spirit high and gives you feeling that can turn any work into miracle if done with full motivation. To get daily dose motivational quotes follow facebook , twitter , instagram or any other pages. You can subscribe to speaking tree or read motivation articles full of motivational quotes.

Feb 18,2018

How To Keep Yourself Fit

Being fit is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. This keeps lots of problems of life at bay like health problems , psychological problems , stress etc . It not only gives your body a beautiful shape but also gives you confidence to face the daily challenges of life. So start today no matter you are overweight , busy in exam preparation , job , work etc just take out 20 to 60 minutes daily to keep fit. Here are some of the tips of fitness from great celebrities and fitness freaks.

(i) Jogging

"Jogging is very beneficial. It's good for your legs and feet. It's also good for the ground. It makes the ground feel needed.-- CHARLES M SCHULZ". Very true! it is the complete exercise of the body. Every muscle of body gets active while jogging and therefore it is the best exercise. No need of extra physical exercise if you had 2-3 km of jogging that’s enough ,if you want to do or have time to do more that’s well and good. If you cannot jog them just walk. A leisure walk in the park is good and walking could be turned into a more wholesome workout. Walking is great daily exercise but getting the most out of walking means raising , working more muscle groups, and avoiding the dreaded fitness plateau.

(ii) Physical Exercise

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.--JOHN F KENNEDY". Take up a physical activity or a sports any one of the two will be suffice for a day. Sports could be like badminton , squash , cricket , football etc otherwise physical activity like yoga or stretching exercise.

(iii) Choosing Right Diet

We breathe handful of carcinogens every day. In cities, It's almost close to smoking a few cigarettes a day. Right from the air we breathe , the food we eat and the cosmetics we apply on our skin and hair - chemicals are lurking everywhere. Here are some easy way to cut chemicals. Choose safer food- Fruits and vegetable are full of vitamins but they too are soaked with pesticides and antibiotics. Buy fruits and vegetable from trust worthy organic farms or fair trade and the best would be to grow your own. Having salads made of cucumber , tomatoes , carrots etc can be a great boost to body metabolism and keep you active whole day.

Feb 18,2018

How To Earn Online

Want to be your own boss ? you are at the right place. Working without a boss , having own office, having own rules and having own timings are dreams of many and many are doing it , why not you? Think of a situation where you are on a tour at the same time you are working for yourself with coffee in one hand and laptop on your lap. This is so possible but takes just right amount of motivation & efforts. Remember in order to get something you never had its important to do something which you never did. Welcome! to the world of blogging.You are going to be a blogger doesn't matter if you don’t know how to create a website. We are here to help you out.

Step 1: What Is Blogging All About

Blogging is all about expressing your ideas to the world through the internet. If you are good at writing, have some kind of knowledge which few are having it could be about fitness , health , cooking , singing , art & painting , fashion & style , Awareness and anything you like to talk about. Big "But" you have to do it in your own style it should be unique and genuine one. what ever you like to write about you should be honest and don't copy and paste.

Step 2: How Can I Start Blogging

First things first, Think about what you are going to write about . After lot of thinking if you are ready with the topic wait! in blogging term its not "topic" its "Niche" then its time to learn how to create a website. If you know how to create a website well and good if you don't know, come next section is about that only.

Step 3: How To Design A Website

Website can be created in two ways 1st programming language and 2nd CMS tool (content management system). here we are going to learn about how to create website with the help of CMS tool that is wordpress. Wordpress is a CMS tool that can help you make a nice and clean website with little knowledge of HTML tags . You have to learn about HTML tags that will hardly take 2 to 3 days for a toddler of programming language. We will tell you in detail about Wordpress in upcoming posts.

Step 4: How To Earn Through Blogging

To make bucks out of blogging you have to master art of making viewers stick like a glue to your Blog. Goggle adsense gives money to you after some user clicks on advertisements on your blog . 60% of the money gets into your account and 40% is taken by google , good deal! Huh!. Here comes one part which you cannot forget is that in order to get verified by google adsense you should have decent blog with enough content and good design. How to achieve that. This will be covered in new post in which you will learn how to make visitors stick to your blog like glue.

Feb 18,2018

24 hour support for Women Safety

Here in this section you will find all the essential telephone and mobile numbers which should be in contact list or you should know from where to get those numbers . To simplify this process we have brought you sources of important numbers.

(i) Emergency helpline

The Government of India provides a single helpline number for all over in India offered by the Government agencies. These toll-free numbers are running across all states in India and available 24x7. The toll-free numbers/helplines are telephone and SMS based services which help to the callers regarding various government services. Look for the list here .

(ii) Women helpline

This list contains all the crucial telephone and mobile numbers which are only created for women help .So save some of the numbers which you find important to you or use them now of any of the issue you are facing this will help you a lot . You can find the list here

(iii) final check

We have tried to give all he important numbers in above two lists and in case you want to look for more help you can look here in this portal .

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