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Jan 17,2018

Security Apps For Girls/Women Safety

Mobile phones have become companion these days no matter where we go , we go with mobile. This can Prove to be crucial for safety of women because there are variety of women safety android apps in play store . So here are list of some of the best mobile apps that can prove to be your life saviour in that time when you have nobody but your mobile . Some of the best security apps are listed here with there features.

(i) Tell tail

A creation of DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd.), the application allows the user to be tracked through the GPS on their phone or the vehicle. The user can send instant alerts to a chosen group of contacts as well. The app lets your location be known even if there is no GPS on your cell phone as location can be monitored using the vehicle’s GPS.

Most security applications offer a distress message service. What makes Women’s Security different is that you can record a 45 second voice recording which is sent without your active interaction. If you are in a no-reception range, the app sends the message as soon as a signal is available; thereby making it quite reliable.


Need to travel safely? Book a cab instantly using this application. TaxiPixi lets you book a cab while giving you options for cheapest fares as well. The app is easy to use and runs quite fast, even on slow internet speeds. Download it to ensure that you are never stuck alone without means of transportation.


If you are moving to a new locality or simply want to know the safety levels in any area, SafetiPin is the app for you. The app gives the user a map based view of a locality, a city or the world along with its safety score. You can set up circles of interest and get knowledge about threats of harassment or general precautions that should be taken. Get to know a place better to be safer.


The apps motto is “Never Walk Alone”. The app lets you create a net of 'Guardians' who will receive your SOS message. In the free version, the designated guardian can be called also. The SOS message also includes your location via GPS. You can also enable the GPS tracker and let your friends know location at any time.

As the name suggests, the app takes your GPS location and lists the nearest police stations around you. It is extremely useful in emergencies such as theft, robbery or other such problems.

(vii)Scream Alarm!

The application can be used to generate a very high volume scream in times of distress when your own lungs may fail you. The generated scream is in a woman’s voice which is extremely helpful in deterring potential trouble makers. Download it on your device from here .

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